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Publié le 02/12/2014, by : Jean Révé

I hate Traveling !

Fake or real adventure ?

Love stories end badly... Generally...

Nearly 2 million views on Youtube and the question remains. Fake or real adventure ?



The story of James (his real name is Oliver Smith) a British, American traveler ? Australian or Kiwi ? - He has a surfer look but still not enough adventurer...He tells us his misadventures during a Trip in Thailand, in a video which seems not being made by a pro (on this point, Thailand Tourist Office which is suspected to have written the scenario, shows that big budgets do not always make the best buzz) and not the real adventure of this Travel "hipster".






Ok, the story looks like a fairy tale with its princess (meeting a blonde Thai is a chance) new friends (only one to begin, but with many others at the end), a funny end (demonstrating the paranoid side that we often develop during a trip), and the horizon of a bright future in this too cooool country (this guy finally lived 2 years in Thailand).







That is said, but embittered will surely denounce the hidden propaganda (It is very ugly to lie) of the Tourist Office which has not confessed it was driving the project to revive the destination - which has suffered a serious lack of tourists recently.
They will spit on the ridiculous sides of this basic "Tourist" who should have read more infos from travel blogs, before leaving ;-)








Who can tell he has never experienced misadventures aboard taxis, bus, train, found his boardbag ripped or stolen, should throw him back his stone (yes, because it's unfair to throw a stone on a local vehicle, as James does in the video - usually it end in local jail with broken face by local police).




Who has not experienced mishaps in roots surfcamps or even luxurious hotels, made bizarre encounters, or got pissed with local surfers on the beach or in the water ?
We all stupidly fell in shitty situations (shady bars, beaches at night, weird places...).
It is not always where we experienced the worst muddles, but in any case we have no regrets.







We know deeply that's how we learn to travel. The job that pays the bills. It builds character and unsubstantiated memories to tell friends and write it in your blog when you're back !

Nothing is really Manichean while traveling. If everything would go well, it would be bland. Far from our references, we sometimes lend a mistrust eye, and even paranoid, while approaching some situations.
The message to remember from this video is that a Trip is a samsara which oscillates as body temperature, with its positive wave cycle and other more complicated to overcome.



Troubles, we do not look after them, they come naturally to us ! So get ready...


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Jean Révé

Jean Révé

Working for several years in tourism in France and abroad, Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé) also has a large number of kilometer mark traveling around Planet Surf  in search of endless summer waves.
In 2004 he created Destination Surf, the first agency specialized in Surf Travel , then Endless Summer a blog with tips, info and travel stories, in order to enjoy and share this rewarding experience with all surf travelers. → Learn more

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