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A day at Just Surf Villa & Lodge Maldives Destination Surf Logo
Publié le 07/03/2015, by : Jean Révé

A day at Just Surf Villa & Lodge Maldives

A surfing day with Max, owner of Just Surf Villa & Lodge in Maldives

Max is the owner of Just Surf Villa & Lodge Maldives.

To prepare your next trip, he was asked 10 questions to find out all about the best and secrets tips of his destination...


1 / Hello Max, in a few words, how and why did you choose to settle down in Maldives ?

About 10 years back I came to a business opportunity by chance and fell in love with the beauty of the country. After surfing here, all other destinations somehow became less interesting.  When I got the opportunity in 2013 to start our guest house operation on the local island Himmafushi (home of the famous surf break ‘Jailbreaks’), I just had to take the chance.

2 / Who can come (or not) for a surf trip in Maldives ?

We are proud to have guests from all over the world, from kids to grandpas, groups, families, honeymooners, surfers and also non-surfers.

During the surf season from March to October, we have perfect surf conditions and offer guided boat trips to the breaks around. But surfing in the Maldives requires some experience especially when it starts pumping in July and August.

So I wouldn’t recommend Maldives to beginners to learn surfing.

But if you feel safe surfing, you will boost your level extremely quick thanks to the consistent and perfect breaks and conditions.


3 / Why North Male Atoll and not South, Outer Atolls zone or Surf Cruise ?

North Male Atoll is blessed with consistent swell and an unbelievable variety of world class waves within closest reach – actually the most surf breaks in close reach of max. 1 hour boat ride in all Maldives.

On top, it’s relatively close to the airport, so no extra local flights or long transfers needed.  

It’s a great alternative to Safari Boats and Resorts, as you can experience the true Maldives and interact with the locals.

But its close reach to Male and the airport makes it also a perfect option to combine a stay with us with a cruise or luxury resort stay.


4 / To make the most of the waves, how do you plan the surf ?

We try to be flexible with the times for surf trips and meals to plan boat trips according to conditions (swell, tide, wind, crowd movement, etc.) and guests’ preferences. Our surf guides and photographer will make sure our guests are at the best break at the right time to get maximum surf.



5 / Places and areas to avoid ?

The island is perfectly save and all locals are friendly and keen to interact with guests.
It is important to advice the ladies that when walking around the island shoulders should be covered as it is a Muslim country.

6 / Types of waves and beaches ?

All breaks in the Maldives are reef breaks, left and right, with different characteristics.

Jailbreaks (right), Honkeys (left) and Sultans (right) can be reached within 5-10min by boat, Ninjas (right) and Lohis (Left) about 25min, and Cokes (right) and Chickens (left) about 50min boat ride.

We have a beach by the villa and Lodge which is cleaned on a daily basis and nice for sunbathing, snorkelling along the reef all the way up to Jailbreaks or watching the sunset.



7 / What is a typical day at Just Surf Villa & Lodge ?

Wake up, breakfast, dolphins by the boat on the way to the break, surfing for 2 hours, cruise back and have lunch, rest by the pool, in the garden or in the room, getting back in the surf, watching another breathtaking sunset on the way back, have a delicious dinner and tell stories with the other guests, check the photos of the day and finally falling asleep totally stoked with a big smile...


8 / Your favorite spot in the area ?

Jailbreaks – and I’m not just saying it..



9 / What to do in the evening to have fun in Maldives ?

All guests hang in the villa by the pool and after dinner stories are shared, a game of table fussball played, photos compared, or going through the DVD library.

But it’s also nice to walk around the island and socialize with the locals of Himmafushi, play football or just hang out and talk.

Special occasions call for an original Maldivian BBQ followed by ‘Bodu Beru’ (traditional Maldivian drums and dance sessions).

If desired, we can also arrange trips to nearby resorts for a dinner and drinks for the evening.


10 / When surf is flat, what is the best activity ?

Our onsite dive centre will gladly introduce beginners to the amazing underwater world or take experienced ones for great fun dives. Snorkelling excursions and visits at picnic islands, day resort visit can also be arranged. A Male excursion for half a day can be easily and cheaply done with the local ferry. Fishing aficionados can go on various fishing trips and proudly throw their bounty on the grill in the evening.

So now, we are waiting for your next surf vacation in our little paradise !



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