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Publié le 21/11/2014, by : Jean Révé

Tidal Bores

Overview of river waves and tidal bores around the world

Across oceans, in the heart of the rivers, water is always in motion. As a slow, deep and regular breath, waves travel the heart of rivers and sometimes surge as surfing waves. We now know the phenomenon called Tidal Bore, able to produce sufficient or impressive waves size, to be surfed.



How it works ? The phenomenon occurs twice a day during high tide around the full moon and new moon, during biggest tides period, when the earth and moon are aligned with the sun. It occurs mainly due to the gravitational attraction of the moon and sun. The wave is generated in the sea and its effect is felt to the core of the rivers leading to it, mostly in the tighter parts of the river. We can assume that the ocean or sea that would be the closest to the moon at this point would generate the most impressive bores.


If you still have not seen pictures of some of these tidal bores, we let you discover our Video selection. Choose which one you'd like to ride for your next Surf vacation...
Choose can be made between China, India, Amazonia, Indonesia, Malaysia or simply in France near Bordeaux at St Pardon.






Antony "Yep" Colas a specialist and surfer, obsessed for many years by these strange waves, have written a book on this subject  "Lunar Tidal Wave"


No joke, surfing a tidal wave is not easy. You must choose the right place to start (usually a shoal in the river or get on your position after a deep walk in the mud banks), row hard enough to catch the wave (you will not have a second chance ) avoid swirls, eddies and currents sometimes violent, although stand on your board (in fresh water, the lift is lower than in salt water - we advise you to surf rather with longboard or paddle ), avoid vegetable waste (tree trunks, branches, floating debris) avoid bugs (crocodiles, hippos, water snakes ...), provide an exit point where you can easily recover (without drifting for miles and end up in a swampy area, against a bridge, without any possibility of docking), and especially love to wade in the water as clear and viscous as the potatoes & carrots soup from your mother in law...





So if you still want to make a try, just make your choice for your next Destination River !









CHINA : Guanchao Qian Tang
Incredible video in the heart of a metropolis...




BRAZIL : Pororoca
The largest and most dangerous, The Amazon River with Robby Naish in SUP




INDONESIA : Kampar Bono
Stately and elegant




MALAYSIA : Batang Lupar Benak
Totally roots with local canoes races ! An event is held every year to elect the best pilot




INDIA : Hooghly Baan
Poetic and unreal shores of the Ganges. The full movie online soon






And FRANCE : St Pardon Gironde
Beautiful images shot from a Drone




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Jean Révé

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