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Who is behind the wave of ENDLESS SUMMER ?


Who I am ?

Hello Surf Traveler !
My name is Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé). I have been working for many years in the tourism, I've made several world roundtrips on Planet Surf, in search of the best waves.

In 2004, I set up Destination Surf, the first agency specialized in Surf Travel and I decided to create this blog with tips, info and travel stories, in order to enjoy and share my wealth and experience with all surfers travelers.

Adventure is on the sand in the waves, at the end of the seas and on the track.

Tropical, temperate or northern, the climate of a Surf Travel only changes fragrances, flavors and colors.

But not his soul ...






this Blog

Destination Surf "Endless Summer" is a blog that challenge all topics related to travel and surf.

To organize your Surf Trip, find the right tips about destinations, read adventure stories on the most beautiful spots.

Stories of surf trips, tips, marine ecology, travels news, but also advices on how to organize, to live your surf trip alone or with family or friends.

If you have recorded each day of your Surf Trip Surf in a roadbook or deep in your memory, please share your stories with us.

Because experience is shared and ocean and waves can be told from different angles, let us whisper in the palm of our posts our surfers travellers stories...





Partnerships / How

to work together ?

You want to present your business related to Surf or your destination to surfers travelers community eager for sensations at the other end of the world ?
There are many opportunities to work with ENDLESS SUMMER by Destination Surf : Product testing, organization of contest, sponsored articles, Press or bloggers Travels, content creation, advertizing...
My travel blog is open to partnerships.

Thank you to note that I do not practice link exchanges. I only publish bloggers or websites links that seem relevant and related to our business, and does not require reciprocity in exchange (same as priority at the peak of a wave, you have to be good with other surfers and the next wave will be good for you !).

Guest Article : Open your Mind ! If during one of your surf trips around the world, you have a great adventure to tell, send us a contact email, if the subject is in our editorial line, it will be with pleasure.
If you are a blogger and you are astonished or annoyed every time you see surfers in the water during your trips, if you are a Nesomaniac (keep calm... you're just an obsessed Islands lover ) or if your trip takes you to a place where you met the original local surfers (even if it is to tell evil) contact me to publish your article.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more details on a partnership. Contact





Shop : ENDLESS SUMMER proposes inside the BOUTIQUE a selection of original, useful products for your Surf travel.
Hey surfers readers, if you intend to purchase, please do so via the links on my blog and in the shop, it allows me to reach a little commisssion to continue to make this blog living.

Partner : ENDLESS SUMMER is the Travel Partner of DESTINATION SURF, a travel agency specialized in Surfing, Kite trips...
On the website, you get in touch directly with the accommodation, cruises, schools providers...
Same price as on their own site and in addition you'll build your next Trip with your family or friends, in live with the owner of Surf Camp which will provide you all the best plans and tips about their surfing spots, via a performing messaging system in the website, (the AIRB & B surfing system, so what !).
Once you're ok with the quote of your trip, you pay in euros through a secure system.  And hop ! Let's go and stuff yourself with beautiful waves under the sun !

Disclaimer : The opinions expressed on this site are not written under the influence of some people, a dark force or under the influence of hallucinogenic plants.
I make sure to check the information published on the website, but I sometimes struggle to combine the IQ of Albert Einstein and Kipling. Feel free to let me know or insult me kindly please.

Unless otherwise noted, text and images on this site are the property of © Endless Summer - Destination Surf - 2014 -2015. All rights reserved. Any copying of text, images and videos is strictly prohibited without prior authorization.





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