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Boat Trips

Cruising around the blue Planet, cross the oceans to surf alone on the most remote spots.

Ok, but life on board is not always as clear and cool as in the videos.

How to organize your Surf cruise.

Is it best to choose a sailboat or a motorboat ?

Leaving the anchor with the right mates, sharing a tiny living space, organize yourself and live together to the rhythm of the waves and wind.

What are the most suited locations to hunt the best waves of the Mentawais, sail along the Caribbean islands arch or find low-traffic spots in Maldives.

If you're already a salty sea dog, tell us your stormy souvenirs in a sea of ink !

Boat cruise in Canary Islands -


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Boat cruise in Canary Islands

03/01/2015 - By Jean Révé
A cruise to the Canary Islands, to surf out of the crowd on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura...
Moluccas Island Cruise -


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Moluccas Island Cruise

12/11/2014 - By JH
Cruise on an unknown surf destination, the Moluccas......
Ocean Divine boat trip Maldives -


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Ocean Divine boat trip Maldives

29/10/2014 - By JH
Luxury, calm and intense surfing in Maldives, aboard an incredible boat...