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Publié le 26/05/2015, by : Axel "Fullbit"

Two brothers Surf Trip in California

The 2 Brothers Axel "Fullbit" Harold and "Chacha" in winter Surf Trip to Southern California...

Seconf part of winter surf trip for the 2 Brothers, Harold and Axel from Destination Surf.
After the lava and the black rocks of the Canarian spots, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, next step, Southern California, mythical surfing paradise, ideal destination to slowly go out of frozen winter.
In some questions they summarize us their journey along the coast, reveal their tips, making us dream about California Style.

Hi 2 Brothers, how did you organized your trip in California ?

Hi everybody, yes, we're back from California, for a month now. We had this trip in mind for a long time with Chacha Max.
The Canary islands were just a warm up for the coming winter. After 11 hours flight, suddenly dropped in the heat of L.A, stuck in the traffic with large cars and huge dual axles Dodge trucks ! Steve, Team manager at Exile skimboards drove us down to Laguna Beach where we met our French friends who hosted us during the whole trip, Matthew and Thomas, living in California for several years. We also rented a van to visit spots north from L.A and live the real surfer's life. From this moment on...

What are for you the mythical places not to miss when one goes surfing in Southern California ?

The Surf is everywhere, the atmosphere is great and sweet, silicone girls rollerblading, landscapes rolling like in the US TV series we watch in europe.

In terms of surfing cannot leave without having surfed under the jetty of Huntington Beach, passing under the train tracks to go surfing in the Trestles skatepark, and impossible to miss the 400m ride at Rincon, facing the freeway... As surfers those were the highlights of our trip !! And so proud to have been there because we had all those spots with great conditions !


Which route and program to suggest to those who would like to go there ?

Several routes for southern California, based on your surf level, although the majority of the spots are suitable for all levels.
Me (Axel) love Laguna Beach for its secluded beaches and its landscape. It's also a nice little town between Newport Beach and San Clemente with a cool ambience. Surfing is accessible to all levels and with honest quality waves. Meeting chicks and going out at night in Laguna, you need much much money, or you stay watching TV in your sofa...Weak point. Harold loved Santa Barbara - I think he watched too much the famous TV serie when he was a kid - but especially for having the best waves of his life in Rincon...


Blackheads Tips, places to avoid and to enjoy ?

Do not play the local hipster, be relaxed at the peak, with a smile, drop a few "hey, how are you doin ?" when entering to the peak. Don't act as the Pro bad boy ripping his local spot. Adopting this smooth attitude, you'll really enjoy your trip . Either way you have to get on with the Californian lifestyle. It's so exciting that you can only be cool and enjoy !


Waves level ?

Although most of the spots are overcrowded, the waves are always great. No wind and it even works ! No worries with the tides that moves only very little.

Surfing level ?

You'll get hallucination on the level in the water. Ok, there are often a few pros at the lineup, makes you keep quiet, but almost everyone surf with a good level, since most people surf everyday. At the beginning you'll take a shot, you think you are coming from your small county and that you'll be surfing quiet but level is high, especially with old surfers !! We saw a granny of 76 years (I asked her politely her age) at Rincon, she droped on large sets, carving seriously. And she rode a nine-foot board, old style. At this time you think about your grandma, and say : dude mine plays pinochle or what !! I'm not talking about the kids, you spend your time looking up in the air...


Meet some people ?

Chacha answers first : Axel met several times the woman of his life, but his bank account did not get the better of him. Regarding myself, I did'nt even went out at night, for fear of missing the session at dawn... Axel introduced me to his team mates at Exile skimboards, they ride hardly, the skim level is amazing.

Your favorite spot ?

Harold "Chacha Max" : Rincon for sure, this wave is so perfect and you can really try tons of tricks on it.

Axel "Fullbit" : Trestles because it is really like riding a skatepark, and Rincon also, between dolphins that swim next to you in a beautiful water landscape, bam.





A place to gorge for lunch or dinner ?

After a session, Ruby's good for you if you wish to redo a session, watch out, after such a meal you won't move anymore...You have plenty of little restaurants that does not look smart but are great. The Sirena Grill for Mexican food, if your stomach can support it.

Worst memory ?

2 parking fines of $ 48 in 48 hours...






Best session Surf ?

Trestles for me (Axel), 6 feet perfect, got 15 waves, all crazy.

Harold : Aliso Beach and Rincon Shorebreak with our Catch Surf foam boards, maybe the biggest shorebreak I've ever surfed...At least breaking on the sand !!

Next stage of 2 Brothers Trip Tour ?

We're glancing seriously on Maldives islands, for a root trip...




Just check our video !



To follow those 2 bastards :

AXEL : @f_u_l_l_b_i_t

HAROLD : @chachamaxx

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