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Publié le 16/01/2015, by : Jean Révé

MOJO REEFSKIN - A special Reef wetsuit

At least a revolutionary wetsuit solution not to blow yourself on the reef ?

You were perfectly log inside in a deep tube wall, your GoPro entering this memorable moment that would make you a hero on Facebook and Google+, when you go on a free fall wipeout on the reef and roll like in a washing machine on the coral, ripping your back, elbows and knees, like on a giant cheese grater...

From today, you can proclaim : How smart are Kiwis !


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Jamie Richards, a New Zealand surfer with experience of many surf trip to Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, also got tired of getting screwed on the reefs.
He had the idea of working on a revolutionary concept that could prevent many surfers to end up like tortured, back flogged for their surf sin, streaked of coral scratches as painful as dangerous (yes, coral is a living element and it will love to grow under your skin making nice infections ...)


He didn't want to develop a product as rigid as a 5/3 mm winter wetsuit (you'll look evil like a grizzly in 28 ° water) but to reflect on the characteristics required in surfing conditions on tropical waters reefs.

This combination should first have features for comfort : Be light like a lycra, stick to the body like a second skin, do not heat (the temperature of the tropical water would make the effect unbearable ). You also have to get the same feeling as if you were bare-chested, to maintain a good effect on paddling and surfing. Nylon Xtra Life Lycra Top and Pan is ten times more flexible and durable than conventional neoprene.

Then the protection aspects : It is imperative that it protects significantly against wounds and bruises consecutive to a shock on the reef at a lightest fall even at full speed.

Jamie and his partner reflected on the vital areas of the body at risk : back, flanks, buttocks, elbows, forearms, knees and shins.
It was necessary to launch a study on the material that would meet the criteria of comfort and protection cited above. Their choice fell on a foam pad system RGB HexFlex, removable if required, and whose main characteristics are flexibility, strength and shock absorption.
They have also added their secret recipe including engineering components developed specifically for the development of their MOJO REEFSKIN.



Then they moved on to a test phase. They sacrificed themselves and played guinea pigs on the most dangerous Indonesian reefs, to improve their product, helped by the feedback other surfers participating in the tests.

Conclusive effect, and to end, the price offered will be interesting, cheaper of course than a classic wetsuit and in the rates of a super lycra, somehow.

The project was launch in fundraising on a Crowdfunding website  (eg : you are a surfer and you give what you want to reach the amount required for successful projects and marketing - Think to your ass on the reef...)





Unfortunately, the funds could not be sufficiently raised, a sign that the public is perhaps not ready for this kind of product. Too bad we must however continue to support this nice iniatives such useful for the future of surfing. Jamie explores new investors track. Let's wish him good luck !




Metaphysical question : Should we hide that pretty bottom in a wetsuit or protect it from ugly scratches issued from non erotic games ?
This young MOJO REEF revolutionary ask it to you with a smile...




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