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Publié le 05/11/2014, by : Vincent

Surf Coaching Camp Australia

A Tour to Vincent's surfcamp in Australia to prepare your Surf Trip to the Land of Oz ...

Vincent is the owner of the surf school "Surf Coaching Camp" in Australia. To prepare your next trip to the land of surf, he was asked 10 questions to find out about the good advice and the secrets of his destination...


1 / Hello Vincent, in a few words, how and why did you choose to settle down in Australia ?

I'm French, my fiancee is Australian and we met in Bali during a surf trip. After 3 years in France we took the decision to come here... I got adicted ! I was surf coaching in France, so we decided to continue in land of Oz !


2 / Why come (or not) for a surf trip in Australia ?

Australia is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery. A strongly advise to people who love surfing incredible waves with nobody in the water and live nature and without frills !
Not recommended ? Mmm ... If you're allergic to Kangaroos hair, otherwise I do not see how you can not fall in love with this country !


3 / Why Old Bar in New South Wales and Sydney or Brisbane not ?  

Old Bar is located 3 hours north of Sydney. It is a small coastal town with waves of incredible quality.
The surf camp was built by the father of my fiancée, Martin Dunn (coach of the Australian surf team, six-time world champion and of many surfers WCT). He chosed Old Bar because the waves are always consistent and there are few people in the water.

Sydney is a beautiful city but quite expensive and not ideal for surfing. Too many people and you are not 100% in the Australian atmosphere of the countryside !



4 / To make the most of the waves, where to stay and what type of accommodation (apartments, villas, hotel ...) ?

Lodging is generally quite expensive in Australia, so if your budget is tight you'll have to avoid beautiful villas and Resorts ! That is why we have chosen an accommodation in a cheap and authentically Australian place. You should avoid places like Byron Bay, Coolangatta... Even if they are nice and famous places. Too many people today. If you've come this far it is to immerse yourself completely into the surf atmosphere which is reflected by Australia.
Keep yourself away and go explore new places ! There are incredible waves everywhere over hundreds of kilometers in this country !



5 / Corners and places to avoid ?

During the Quicksilver Pro at Snapper's Rock ... It's great to watch, but if you want to surf, it will be with 800 other surfers who have a much more higher level !


6 / Types of waves, beaches ?

Australian East Coast is very rugged and offers a multitude of pointbreaks with beautiful right waves especially ; The Point a spot 5 minutes from the surf camp is a good example if you want to have fun. Otherwise miles of endless beaches and beachbreaks and no one... There is always somewhere to surf depending on wind direction, swell. If it is onshore on a beach, just jump to the next which might be sheltered with a beautiful offshore breeze...



7 / How is a typical day with Surf Coaching Camp ?

I usually get up super early to check spots around the surfcamp while Kate prepares breakfast on the terrace. I'm a cool guy, right ?
Then I'll take you on the best spot of the day, depending on conditions, for a 2 hours video session. Then return to Camp for technical analysis of your video. My job is to help you progress as pros. You'll love it. Then carve board session (skate used by the Australian surf team) ideal for working technical points. You'll see, it is amazing !
Lunch and another session still coached by me ... Then bbq evening on the terrace with sunset ... a beer or two ...
If you want to improve your English and even Australian expressions, Kate will give you a course (she is a certified english teacher)


8 / Your favorite beach in the area ?

2 minute walk to the Surf Camp, Second Corner is a wave with a little bit of size that makes amazing tubes. I had my best barrels in this place !


9 / Your restaurants, bars, favorite places to enjoy the atmosphere of Old Bar ?

Old Bar is not really a place to party, it's a really quiet Australian town ! But I know some good restaurants including a Thai .... A delight !


10 / When you do not surf, what you can do for fun in Old Bar ?
It is uncommon not to surf at Old Bar, but otherwise we have tennis courts 20 meters from the surf camps. We can also guide you during good bike rides in the area.
You can even go fishing, it is a hobby sport here. We just live relax.
Come on down, we will tell you how it goes...



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