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Publié le 17/11/2014, by : JH

Artic Swell

An Artic surf exploration in extreme conditions

Sitting in front of your fireplace or near a radiator that heat you feet, do not let us believe that you will complain those poor surfers who seem to love to dive into icy water, roll like a sushi in the snow, red face and fingers tips and toes stiff as mikados.



What scares you is their daily dope, what turn you off make them crazy. They have only one idea in mind : Fight the extreme, surf the most remote waves just to get the feeling of touching the end of the world, as you simply do on the armrest of your sofa.

























































In reward, nature provides them with scenic images, from the Northern Lights to raw beauty landscapes. Photographer Chris Buckard and Pro Surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley, and Chadd Konig shot this breathtaking video (SmugMug Films) and incredible photos in the Artic Circle.










Harsh Surf sessions in 7mm wetsuits in freezing water, looking for days for a favorable weather window , hours waiting in a car in the fog, crossing the beach under two meters of snow.








Amazement, self-knowledge and the pleasure of extreme surfing in a pristine ocean with magical waves, outweighs all the pains and aches.
This is also called Pleasure.




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Working for several years in tourism in France and abroad, Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé) also has a large number of kilometer mark traveling around Planet Surf  in search of endless summer waves.
In 2004 he created Destination Surf, the first agency specialized in Surf Travel , then Endless Summer a blog with tips, info and travel stories, in order to enjoy and share this rewarding experience with all surf travelers. → Learn more

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