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Publié le 28/11/2014, by : Jean Révé

The smart connected Carry-On

The suitcase of the future, a hyper-connected luggage for your trips

If as some members of Destination Surf Travel agency, you're the Ace to lose your luggage when you travel, renowned luggage manufacturer DELSEY is launching on the market the fatal weapon for luggage looser.
Droping off a window in the market for hyper connected bags, the brand follows innovation initiated through crowdfunding and launched by the young brand BLUESMART.





 No more troubles with the hyper connected suitcase, now at the stage of prototype and tested by selected users. Under its businessman looking, no one would suspect that it is full of technological gadgets and equipped as a military US drone (be advice, it does not fly yet, although some baggage handlers are frequently trying to ).

We all had suitcases problems, being lost or open without noticing before you arrive at the hotel, and even never loaded suitcases...


Brief overview of the features of these Mc Giver suitcases and DESTINATION SURF gives you his opinion by the way.

In fact, these bags can be controlled from a dedicated smartphone application :

Before the trip :

- Luggage scale : an overload indicator lets you determine the weight of the luggage. (Ok it avoids trashing your bathroom scale but you will be arguing with Madame on what is superfluous)
- Trip Checklist : to check that everything is in it. (Hmm ...Can find it on many apps. Vital check list for Him :  A boardshort, wax to perfumes the bag, For Her: The 95% of the remaining space of the bag)
- Weather forecast at your destination. (Bad ... We already have lots of applications of this type, especially for Surf forecasts. And we do not go in the waves with our suitcase)



During the trip :

- Battery charger with a 10-hour battery life (rather practice. Avoid running inside airports to find a plug - you always don't even have the local adaptator - and end up sitting at the corner of the toilet door, 2 km away from your departure lounge)
- Luggage detector on board : Confirm its presence in the aircraft (if you're a Hyper anxious or depressive Manic looser, you can then report - kindly - to the airline crew that your baggage is on the tarmac or on a trolley for a flight to Beirut). Notice that Air France / KLM provides eTag and eTrack chips for luggage.
- Interior lighting system : To find things in the dark (useful for the tweezers, toothbrush or sleep in your suitcase in case of overbooking at the hotel)
- Flight information in real-time : Flight schedules and possible disturbances (Pfuuit ... Needless when you today you can find several apps as Wipolo or ones from companies - Unless you want to know if your suitcase is suffering from airsickness ? Or is the cargo sufficiently presurised for its comfort ?)
- Distance sensor and search : Convenient if you fall asleep, and a dazed or crafty guy take your suitcase, in the hall, on the baggage carousel or in the overhead carriers from the aircraft cabin.


On arrival :

- System of locked luggage : Practical, you can check without waiting to arrive at the hotel, if your luggage has not been opened (Some smart guys are specialists in this kind of intrusion invisible to the naked eye...)
- Fingerprint recognition : Class.. First, erase the hundreds of dirty fingers traces spattered on your suitcase when you'll catch it on the baggage carousel...!
- And at last, to spend long hours in queues or waiting on airport benches, a large built-in speaker for listening to music (You can play the Ghetto Blaster near the check-in counters to enable the queue or sprinkle with the latest Electro hits your neighbor who fell asleep 2 seats next to you)







To make the project, you are invited to vote on the DELSEY site to choose your favorite features among the 10 proposed by Delsey. The brand decided that the final guidance will launch the prototype, available to the public by 2016.











Nice bags, but what about the price ? It is assumed that the technology will increase the cost, but the luggage brands are aware that the consumer is not willing to accept any price. Especially as many tools have been created in recent years to help the traveler and facilitate his travel through apps provided by hotels, airlines, airports...









As a surfer, we should alert these brands about the Boardbag, fundamental Surfer luggage for which we get seriously worried in airports, looking through the aircraft window on our arrival abroad, when we see porters attempt to make our board surfing on the tarmac then stack the luggage of other passengers at the top, as if he wanted to shape it from a shortboard to a Longboard.

Other options : Imagine yourself, comfortably lying on the beach, inside your air-conditioned board bag. A small ceiling light to read quietly, the sound of the built-in speakers that play music connected to your smartphone. You will be comfortable, right on the spot, without paying a euro for a hotel room.



And during air travel, you will be fine, quiet in the aircraft presurised cargo bunker  - since you have chosen not to travel in the cabin to save money, now that you have great space in your new Business Bunker...



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Jean Révé

Jean Révé

Working for several years in tourism in France and abroad, Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé) also has a large number of kilometer mark traveling around Planet Surf  in search of endless summer waves.
In 2004 he created Destination Surf, the first agency specialized in Surf Travel , then Endless Summer a blog with tips, info and travel stories, in order to enjoy and share this rewarding experience with all surf travelers. → Learn more

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