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Publié le 25/10/2014, by : Jean Révé

A beer cans surfboard

Richard Quinn Morrison and Gary Seagraves, creators of the recycled beer cans surfboard

The beach in San Diego (California), Richard Quinn Morrison is an engaging and original character. Painter specialized in dreamlike works related to surfing, he developed with the shaper from La Jolla Gary Seagraves the ingenious idea of using recycled to make a surfboard with cans. Destination Surf asked them some questions.




How did you come to this original idea ?
It's simple says Rich, I drank a can at the beach bar next to my house. I watched a group of young people drinking then swinging their cans in nature. Smart homeless, unintentional environmentalists, were collecting them to a recycling center just to make a little money. As a big beer drinker and consumer of various cans, I thought I had to do something cool with empty cans. The bar I used to go is rather trendy Surf Culture, I looked at the decor and I had a vision while seeing the surfboards hanging on the walls. So I decided to get into the project to make a board made on the basis of empty cans, adding the challenge it could be surfed by myself and other surfers. I created a series of artistic line called this work "Enviro Art Series."

How did you make your prototype ?
Back home, I poked around in my computer to find someone who had already work on such a project. Nothing like this existed ! I then went back into the bar and asked the bartender if he could put me aside as much as possible of empty and undamaged cans. At the end of the week, I got four huge bags filled with these valuable waste. It had all different trademarks of cans, I felt that I would become very trendy thanks to a combination of the latest fashion colors i was going to use !
Then I contacted a friend shaper Gary Seagraves living near La Jolla. I offered him an honest exchange : One of my paintings to illustrate the poster for his new surfing movie and in return he will have to shape such a complex and bizarre board with my contribution for assembling the beer cans with wood stringers . We started to build, as Dr. Strangelove, this strange prototype that had nothing to do with the beautiful boards you see in shops or in magazines. We used in the support rigidity of the two wooden slats to give a concave plate effect. Then Gary added the surfboard foam and shaped the nose and tail before he glassed the entire surfboard and added the fins.
We finally used 72 cans and you can imagine that all this work made us sweat, which forced us to drink some to finish this gem in time !

Destination Surf special advice : Even if you die of thirst, do not try to sip your can at the lineup, better wait to enjoy it quiet at the bar !

And in the waves, how does it works ?
The result is amazing. Ultimately, it is a fish 6'2 '' classic shape. It has been tested by myself and Gary and it works pretty well.
Of course, thanks to the influence of beer, it is super comfortable in the foam, aha !








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Dwight Zarnickc
Publié le 23/03/2015
This is remarkable. Where can I get this surfboard ?
Jean Révé
Publié le 23/03/2015
I think it has never been on the market. Just an artistic prototype...

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