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World Cooking - Papas arrugadas con Mojo Destination Surf Logo
Publié le 12/12/2014, by : Myriam

World Cooking - Papas arrugadas con Mojo

A recipe with typical food from the Canary Islands

Let's go to Lanzarote or Fuerteventura, two great surf islands of Canary archipelago, where you'll find great spanish cooking

A recipy easy to achieve, perfect for Tapas time or to be served with your main course.





1kg small potatoes (papas)

Sea salt


Wash the potatoes without peeling.

In a saucepan cover with water flush, add 2 handfuls of sea salt and boil ridges.

Drain the water and put the fire (without water) for 2 minutes

Cover with a towel for a few minutes

Then put them in a dish : salt will crystallize on the skin of potatoes.
















In the meantime :

MOJO INGREDIENTS : Red and tasty sauce (or very spicy), traditionally served with this papas arrugadas, but also with red meat


  - 2 peppers

- Cumin

- Red Pepper

- Olive oil

- Vinegar

- 1 garlic clove





In a mortar, crush the garlic, chillies and coarse salt until it becomes a soft dough.

Insert the red pepper and slowly add 15 dessert spoons of olive oil and 4 of vinegar.

Extend with some water : your red mojo is ready.

Tip: by adding parsley and cilantro you will get a "mojo verde" great accompaniment to fish and white meat.

































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