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Publié le 25/11/2014, by : Jean Révé

Vahines Girls of the South Seas

Overview of the myth of Vahine

The new 2015 calendar of the famous beer brand HINANO should be there soon...







It is carried out in recent years by surf and water sports Master Photographer : Tim McKenna who lives in Tahiti.


This calendar is as famous over there that Rugbymen calendar may be here in France.











The lady postman has already left the lagoon of Tetiaroa with the calendar, but she sended this video to remember the dazzling beauty of the girls of the South Seas.


Polynesia has always been associated with dream icons, the legendary Vahine and her golden skin perfumed with Monoi essences, her long black silky hair...





However, one can imagine that the Polynesian people and especially Polynesian women can suffer from this image and the myth of the Vahine, because it would mean they exist today through this myth that could be a hindrance to the development of their own identity and to confine it in a culture of "postcard".

Try to unbound ourselves from our vision of sailors settlers anchoring in Polynesia after months of travel. Especially since it is not certain that these women have welcomed them with as much hope and desire to save them from their island...

Do not confuse hospitality and empathy of the Polynesian natural temperament with our western fantasies, our evil need of exoticism. Note that the girls of the South Seas have on their islands all what they need in the opposite sex ! (a calendar of the Seductors from South Seas exists also - Out of stock)










Teva Sylvain, Tahitian born, king of vahines photographies and calendars, also indicates that the illustration of the myth goes through pictures of topless girls, building "the Vahine look". This image is sought by Western but also worshiped by a large Polynesian strain population from the Pacific (New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji ...)




There is therefore an adaptation of the "Vahine production" on demand, as it used to be in Hawaii in the years 50-60, with floral shirts, easy living, coconut cocktails, tiki...

If all these merchant aspects draw us away from the purity of myth, it also helps to make it live. Just remains to hope that the image of the Vahine won't be too diverted or deteriorated but contributes to the image of pure beauty of the Pacific Islands.








Fortunately, smiles, elegant gestures and graceful move of those women of all ages and from all backgrounds will always be found in those islands to remind us that they are not legends.


Moena Maiotui in the Marukoa legend :



Finally, if you want to travel to meet Vahines and also take time to surf in Polynesia ... Click here !



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