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Publié le 03/12/2014, by : Jean Révé

Taxi Driver

A Bangkok taxi driver with crazy ideas for his customers

We've all experienced serious misfortunes with taxis, tuk tuk, bemos, especially to transport our surfboard or kitesurfing gear to the spots.

To prove that taxi drivers are not all bad guys (including in Bangkok), Narong Sairat, a Thai driver had an original and funny idea.

After paying your race, in exchange for your tip, he gratifies you a gift of your choice. A packet of crisps, a mini calculator, cosmetics, cupcakes and other unuseful bazaar items will be offered to you.


Welcome aboard the Taxi 999

Happiness Taxi  !






















Ladies, let's take the


to discover latest beauty

Fragrances !



























All objects inside his vehicle, which now looks like a fragrant travelling grocery store, were purchased with money received from tips.

Giving, Receiving and Redistributing : a principle often forgotten by Human.

Narong is now the most popular taxi in Bangkok (it will have the advantage to renew his gift stock).
Only downside, he can't accept more than 2 people in its cab, not enough space available...














This could be an idea to try to silence the discontent of Paris taxis !




Photos : Kittiphun Khongsawatkiat
Thailand Press :


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Jean Révé

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