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So who are the bold knights of Destination Surf Team ? Destination Surf Logo
Publié le 21/10/2014, by : Jean Révé

So who are the bold knights of Destination Surf Team ?

Each member of Destination Surf Team has his own skills and tastes when surf travelling. Come and share their little secrets...

Because a trip Surf is at first a trip, vacation, and we want to discover the world and communicate with others on the surfing planet, we gathered a nice bunch of  Surf and Travel Mad guys. Of course, they are all melted in water sports, like Obelix they fell in and got magical powers.
Well, they also have well-made head. At least they have graduate (it is given almost now) or have even spend years of college, and even had some good corporate responsibilities for some of them, before admitting that working for a Surfing travel agency is cooler than having its office at 25 th floor Tour Montparnasse ...



Bored of weraing a suit, long live barefoot. No need to brag to perform well and take good care of customers.


The Destination Surf store is open every day 24h24. We love the jetlag. Skype with Bali at 7:30 in the morning, just as our Indo friends make us drool facing their lunch on the spot. During the day, phone, tips, case tracking, web update, hallo webmaster ? stimulus some urgent answers from Maurizio, Bayu and James still in the water on the other side of the planet.
And in the evening, lying on the sofa, iPad on the knees, we drink coffee & churros  and share morning breakfast with our partners in Nicaragua or Mexico. Around the world every day ...

In fact, we never get bored in this Surf travel agent job. We also sleep a little, surfs as often as we can and above all we try to have fun every day. The pleasure of receiving an email from a surf traveler who said he's enjoying in Fuerteventura, one that does not understand the Spanish spoken by the Panamanian boss of his clueless guesthouse on the beach, but does'nt care because he surfs like crazy and cause beer is fresh, two girlfriends who have had trouble finding spots in Bali with their motorcycle loc, but have made new friends on the beach ...
The fine team is a little family, even widely.



Myriam aka "Mrs. Bensoussan", watch over the "shop" on our finances...manages reservations, shakes providers telling nonsense to customers, explaining to customers wthat the service meant to him, offers herself a short recreation on her longboard or Paddleboard when the water is hot, is active on the plancha on sunny days and fits a rum and coke when this little world makes her a little tired ...
Her favorite spots : The Table at Ferret, Laguna Beach, Byron Bay




Jean-Hervé, he thinks. He thinks and thinks a lot, especially at night and during naps. And the remaining time he frets over everything related to marketing, digital, social networks, new products. He play like a geek with developers of the site that he stuns with new ideas constantly. Myriam looks up to heaven when he believes or thinks, because she would prefer to strike. Then he go back to his products packages, converse in any language with correspondents on skype, scrutinize spots on google earth.



He often feels the call of the Paddle in the garage and picks up his carbon Kialoa paddle. No alternative but to pay a morning session when you know you will sit in your chair the rest of the day, that's a good excuse.
His spots : Guethary, Rincon, Sumba, Arugam Bay









Harold aka Chacha Max, his own thing is technology. No secrets on video montages, photos blah blah formats are respected blah blah...
He tracks the record clearly,  detect the errors through the ultraviolet. He also has good contacts, mainly women around the surfing world, which open the sesame of their little dream guesthouse or apartment right on the spot.




He loves the fat waves, thick lip farting and revealing a nice barrel that will eat you alive. And when he's tired of the water, he takes the air with his paraglider, travels the mountains, shatters the Dune du Pyla and rubs his goatee imagining flying Indo onto the beach where he would only have to surf to the end of the day.
His spots : Reunion (not when it crunches), Indonesia, Hossegor and all round barrels factories.




Giorgio, aka "Komantoutoutpel ??" nickname earned during his many trips to Brazil to negotiate the finer contracts after 12 caipirinhas. Digital Gentleman. Not that his fingers do wonders, though no one complained, but he is the king of the database, web marketing. With him we are all stuck, but for a good cause ; One that will give the max details on what you love, where you want to go, get the best deal or know everything about what you do not like today but will seduce you tomorrow.







His secret, apart to share dance with the Brazilian girls on the beach after a good session, is organizing raids, crazy and unimaginable expeditions (Crossing Cape Horn in jetski for example). He is methodical, organized and love details, anatomical or in the business plans.
A "Think positive" spirit always cheerful and looking forward.
His spots: Caribbean, Vietnam, Japan and especially the well misfits ocean corners.

















Axel is the hound dog from the family. He unearths the great spots and smells new ones right on site. Must say he spends half the year traveling ...
Hallo, Mexico? No, I returned to the States. Oh, and when do you go to Brazil ? But no Mam, I was there two months ago, now I am preparing for Malaysia...




Must tell you that but the poor darling was forced to enter the pro circuit skimboard with members of Team Exile, what bad luck ! He must also take care of his blog
His spots : Brazil, Laguna Beach California and its home spot La Pointe in Cap Ferret


Ben aka "The Machine". A boy band physical, or star of rugby calendar. He finished his studies in tourism, cruised in the Southern Hemisphere for more than a year in Australia, tracking down the beach break and crunchy Slab. Mister Hyde is rather quiet and taciturn, efficient and rational in the job, but it's Dr. Jekyll on the wave, the dancefloor and with his army of pretty fans on Tinder.
His spots : Australia, New Zealand, Galicia and wherever it hits the reef.



When he does not distort his bodyboard and biceps in the barrel, he also bump on a new concept of wetsuits and boogie boards new style.


Well, now you know a little about our fine team. Their hobbies, their passions and skills. In any case, their sole purpose is to make you travel, surfing and surf again, whether you are at the beginning of the adventure or an old sea dog, there will always be something to talk about when you're passionate ! ...



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Jean Révé

Jean Révé

Working for several years in tourism in France and abroad, Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé) also has a large number of kilometer mark traveling around Planet Surf  in search of endless summer waves.
In 2004 he created Destination Surf, the first agency specialized in Surf Travel , then Endless Summer a blog with tips, info and travel stories, in order to enjoy and share this rewarding experience with all surf travelers. → Learn more

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