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Publié le 05/11/2014, by : jh

First inflatable surf reef

After the inflatable Stand Up Paddle, wave garden and surf pools, one more step : An inflatable Reef...

All means are good to surf !

Wave pools, garden waves, surfing behind super tankers, hydrojet surfboards, inflatable SUP and other inventions are already available options.
As man is never lacking resources, A Gearloose named Troy Bottegal - a guy who could run for the Concours Lépine - had the crazy idea to recreate an artificial reef. Useful for such places as Bay of Mont St Michel or Chatellaion Beach that could become the next Snapper's Rock spot ;-)



The principle is a 20 meters wide and two meters high structure called "Airwave Blow Up" composed of multiple air bags. Shaped in the form of a huge tarp "glued" to the bottom of the ocean. A pure reproduction of an artificially reef break.
This totally ecological structure can be installed anywhere and remove if necessary, or replace (if your fins tickle the reef !).


The inventor has already patented the first inflatable surf reef in the world and is now planning the construction of a large-scale model. This structure will use 12 helical anchors to secure the tarp covering the bottom of the ocean. The air will flow naturally within the bags with a thickness between 0.010 inches and about 0.100 inches.

Troy has already approached the regional council area of Perth in Australia to test its live "Airwave" over a period of two months.









Professor "Neptuno Nimbus" filed his project on Kickstarter to raise funds. You know the principle of crowdfunding ? Each individual contributes to its funds help level and in return receives his name in association with the partner's project, even some cool advantages as royalties if it works well, and even all a live test of your prototype.












So you fancy going to Australia next Weekend ?




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