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Floating surf park in Melbourne's Victoria harbour Destination Surf Logo
Publié le 19/11/2014, by : JH

Floating surf park in Melbourne's Victoria harbour

Is Urban Surfing part of our future ?

A concept project is in reflexion in the surf and kangaroos country  which are jumping in the mind of young surfers architects.

The city of Melbourne, located 30 minutes from the ocean and populated by myriads of hungry surfers, is studying an idea that would allow all riders to make a small session between noon and 14 PM, even during a morning off.



The Australian architecture firm "Damian Rogers Architecture" partnered with international construction company Arup (who directed the Sydney Opera House and the Pompidou Centre) to develop a bold project : Restructure Victoria Harbour, the port located west of the city. In fact it's not really the ocean but an existing sea water surface, which is a different model known with wave pools.
The aim will be to be able to surf in the city, for a growing population of surfers who will benefit from immediate access to a surf spot.

The creators want to create a complex built like a giant heated and salty pool with artificial waves breaking up to 1.5 m.
The 160-meter-long surf zone will be surrounded by a sandy beach, space for changing, retail outlets and a nice park with natural areas.
The Surf Docklands Park awaits validation of the municipality and is expected to cost 8 million Australian dollars (approximately EUR 5.7 million).



While we understand the laudable side of the project and its accession to a majority of people to the pleasures of surfing, we remain skeptical regarding the increasingly accession race for immediate pleasure which now prevails in human being.
The question is whether the practice of Surfing is part of a set of positive and vibrant data such as walking to the spot, the welfare provided by the waves that break off in the heart of a vast natural area, the feeling of having "won" something more than having "taken" or "received" for a fee. Or considering a surf session just like a game of squash with colleagues from the office.



But remain positive by saying that the Australian surfers, ocean lovers and often eco-friendly by nature, will quickly position themselves and give their opinions on the project.

Marseille, future candidate ?





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