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Publié le 10/11/2014, by : JH

Tamarin Mauritius pearl

Tamarin mythical wave of Mauritius...

Mauritius is known for its luxury hotels, an island more concerned with environment protection than elsewhere, its golf courses, its kitesurfing spots in the South, its natural beauty and the friendliness of Mauritians.

As a surfer, we know there are few spots available on this island. The point of Morne in the south need to cross the lagoon to reach spots which are on the reef and not easy to access.

Then of course there's Tamarin Bay, capricious wave that breaks quite rarely. Its location in a bay makes it accessible, but be careful, the spot was trusted, until recent years, by the famous White Shorts, a local surfers gang like the Black shorts in North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, and that also play protectors of the spot releasing foreign surfers bluntly.



True or wrong ? We'll say that like Mundaka, Hossegor, Malibu or Pipeline and all the famous and highly frequented spots on a good day, you'll have to wait until the locals are well-fed to finally take your waves. But during sessions of average quality in Tamarin (which is often the case ) you can surf without getting screwed by an army of tattooed locals (surprising attitude regarding the kind and gentle behavior of Mauritians).



Must say that local Mauritian surfers have surely had enough to get their surf spot squattered by hordes of surfers from Reunion or South Africa, drawn by the magical left.
In the water, everything is a matter of humility and intelligence to surf ...




















We shared two video sequences :

A Tamarin extract from the legendary film Santosha Forgotten Island in 1973 which revealed the wave to the public.
Although there was no indication about the spot, the secret was quickly pierced by surfers.


A TV coverage of the show Destination Gliss' on France O channel, with clips from the film and explanations of surfing in Mauritius :




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