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Publié le 04/07/2015, by : Jean Révé

Surf Trips for Summer 2015

6 best Surf destinations to enjoy your surf holidays this summer 2015

Holidays have just started, exams are already behind, job troubles locked in the closet, it smells Monoi oil in the apartment and your girlfriend just noticed that her new bikini, received this morning from her last Internet purchase, must quickly be tried on a beautiful golden sand beach.
You go down into the garage and tamper the bubble wrap paper in your rolling surf cover, sleeping since your last Surf vacation. You take off the baggage tag all shriveled since last year, indicating LAX (Los Angeles) and you remember this cool trip to California last August, when you tickled the lineup from San Diego spots to Malibu.
Surf Proust's madeleine begins to tickle your nostrils with iodine breeze, tickles also your toes that curl up into a Hang Ten in your moccasins ; You are ready for the big trip.
Ok, but where shall you go this summer ?



To please your girlfriend (although it is universally recognized that women are satisfied with nothing, we must act), avoid hearing children reshuffle your ears that they won't go testing the new skatepark built behind Grandma house in her village in the Luberon, surrounded by locusts (The movie Brice de Nice 3 is  for next September !), impress your office colleagues by quoting them the name of one of the islands of Indonesia (ie rather Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara) when you decided to go and face the most dangerous waves on earth, the choice is not easy...

To prevent you from catching a headache before the first heat, we'll drive you through several choices, if you are starting surfing and do not want to go on the other side of the world, but want to have real surf memories, or if you are used to hit the road a lot those recent years and are scratching your head to find a destination that allows you to feed your autumn dinners conversations, to light the stars in the eyes of your friend's wives, understanding they would have love to go on a wiiiild trip at the other end of the oceans, with their husband, or maybe with you...



1/ Maldives


The perfect trip for all levels. Easy Waves, not dangerous, exotic atmosphere and cool cruise, with friends or family.
The destination is well developed and many Surf Charters are positioned on 10 days trips.
North Male Atoll is close, so not too many drive, but crowdy in the water. The southern atoll a little further by boat, or the Outer Atolls (outer atolls) that require air flight, fewer people and excellent quality waves. Period from May to November, due to monsoon that generates beautiful swells.
Desert island dream adventure awaits you, tubes, turquoise water and Robinson life will be present as well.
In reality, don't forget the total dollar amount you'll have to pay... (but your girlfriend will persuade you).
Do not get seasick, don't forget your 80 index cream, lycra, spare fins, 2 boards.

Beware of cruise vacations whose prices would really be cheap, you'll risk spend your cruise aboard a tub dhow kind that stinks diesel and eat only grilled banana & dried fish, or vice versa...

Be careful also if you travel alone, do not find yourself in the middle of an Australian group that would have chartered the boat and will leave you just the ends of rotten waves and warm beer cans, sleeping in the cabin above machines.

Cruises from 560 € / 7 nights



2/ Mentawai Islands


Indonesia is "On fire" every summer, best season for waves on the area, from June to September. Of course you can also opt for a surf camp along Sumatra or Java. But nothing equals the Mentawai Islands, discovered last ten years. We had to learn to manage the surfers to the area, protect the people and maintain an intelligent ecological footprint, not always obvious. Today, the boats are controlled and regulated (quality boats, charter, rules ...)and service has improved significantly.



One thing is certain, you'll get waves and again waves, from all quality and types, big swell, small fun reef, wild atmosphere of an island at the other side of the world. Best recommended for intermediate surfers, but resourceful, to experienced surfers. Same advice as for Maldives, beware tubs ferries refitted in nicks surfing cruises, with an Indonesian captain filthy and alcoholic, oil underfoot and fifteen Australian roots to hold, without faith or law of waves.
Fortunately, only good companies remain, and level is now rather qualitative, which would almost certainly let you have a good surftrip with your buddies.
Your girlfriend will have to love life on a boat and can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, magical sunset or a tour in a tribal village.

Stay from € 1090/10 Nights




3/ Portugal


Less exotic than the previous destinations, but a safe bet in terms of price, waves and scenery, a few hours from France or Northern Europe.
Food is good, it's cheap, the locals are friendly, the waves are different and qualitative, you'll find plenty of surf schools if you want to learn or improve also.
In short, a perfect getaway with family, friends or girlfriends, or both.
You can choose either the region of Porto or Lisbon (advantage of the proximity of large cities) and worlclass spots or go south, in Algarve, where the water and the waves are lukewarm, with multitudes of restaurants, excursions and enjoy nice Surf holidays !

Stay from € 540 for 7 nights




4/ Bali


At the top of the podium for surf destinations, eve,n to be rediscovered, during the great wave season, ie all the European summer.
perfect for all tastes, nightlife revelers, cocoon family in a beautiful villa Balinese buddies in a cheap local guesthouse.
Everyone chases the waves, beginners can learn or improve from Kuta to Legian & Cangu on the west coast, confirmed surfers at the legendary Uluwatu and Padang, all along the peninsula of Bukit.

The ode in Bali is of course the waves, but also the interior of the island where you'll find authenticity, far from the noisy bustle of Kuta. Ubud is unavoidable (though quite a few hotels there are now built). Museums, art galleries, fine quality crafts, landscape amidst rice fields.
From Ubud, rafting excursions on the Agung river or elephant ride. One can also discover the temples of Besakih or Tanah Lot and spend a few nights in mountain villages at Munduk or Sidemen (I recommend the guesthouse Lihat Sawah Homestay) to admire rice fields in Jatiluwih, Tegallalang, in the Ayung canyon nearby Ubud.
One can also visit Lake Batur, by scooter or car, Candidasa (East Coast) to Amed in the north (quiet fishing village) by inland through Tirtagganga, and return via the coastal road passing through Ujung (visit the Water Palace).
And if you still want to discover more waves and less crowded islands, go by boat on neighboring islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida (40 minutes) or even stay there.
Finally, we suggest a little paradise, ideal for diving, take a trip to Gili Islands by Ferry (2:30), and ultra splendid preserved area.
Will you remain enough time to surf ?

Stay from 38 € / night




5 / South Africa


A surf continent. You cannot go anywhere unless you stay one month. Firs option, the Cape Peninsula : cold water on one side of the Atlantic, on the other cool surfing beaches of the Indian Ocean side.
A beautiful, vibrant city, European ambiance in the heart of Africa (restaurants, trendy bars, quality of life).
Another option, 100% Surf : Jeffrey's Bay. Quite affordable spots even by intermediate surfers or beginners, constantly waves coming from the southern winter. An atmosphere like in Hossegor, a true surfer life and a surf spot that can be in great shape (perfect season) and will make you totally amazing.
Cool water, winter season, as in southern europe in October : sun but chilly wind. You won't care so much comparing to the great feeling to make a trip to the land of waves coming from Antarctica.
The South African people, white, black, yellow, red are a real welcoming people, rude and friendly, just forget your western envelope and your little manners.
Traveling through a beautiful nature which will even allow you to go on a roadtrip inland, just to discover the fauna and endemic flora of the country.

Stay from 154 € / 7 nights




6/ Sri Lanka (East Coast)


The small island which is rising and rising...10 hours direct flight, time difference 3:30 (30 minutes imposed by the British), ideal destination for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers who know they won't expect hollow tubes from Indo or South Pacific, but nice clean waves between 3 to 6 feet.
Waves that run only on the southeast coast in this period (monsoon and onshore wind are on west coast from May to October)
We're talking about the area of Arugam Bay, unlike the west coast which is suited for winter trips. The palce is not easy to reach by car, takes 8 hours from the airport, no highway on this axis. You'll win your trip.



A landscape drier and less humid, because less rain than the other coast, and unspoilt (30-year war ended in 2009, tourism is still beggining and that's great, it's like Bali in 1980)
Long and easy waves (Main Point, reef and sand but perfect) spots for beginners, others for fun surf (Baby Point, Crocodile Rock, Peanut farm, Panama ...) and if you want to hit the road,  you can even drive down towards Yala, Okanda, no crowd in the water. July, August, a lot of beautiful and colored religious festivals on the island (Perahera, Kataragama).
Above all, the impression of a beautiful journey, food and accommodation at affordable price, and everywhere you'll meet the cingalese smile. A perfect family or friends trip.

Address of a French surfer who settled on the island at Upali Beach Surf Hotel & Cafe, just opposite the Main Point spot...


Video of a beautiful swell of late June 2015 !



If after all these tips you still hesitate and think about answering the call of your cousin who invites you on the Mediteranean sea as every year, with a program of pastis and naps around his swimming pool, it means you're not ready for a surf adventure.
While your friends will tear surf spots on paradise islands, you can always ask your children to jump and make bombs in the pool for you to make waves.
On the way back, at the end of vacation, your shorts will be washed out, but because of chlorine and not of salty water, and you will realize that you'll have to wait until next year to consider real Surf holidays at last.
So what's going on ?





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