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Publié le 23/01/2015, by : Jean Révé

Going back to my roots

Surf videos from the seventies, just to remember this cool, peace and love and free surf period atmosphere

Flashback to the seventies and eighties, just to immerse ourselves in the Peace & Love atmosphere of this period, associated with surfing.
We put together some footage of cult surf films (some are missing, but it will soon be online in our blog)

Riding single boards, surf stars at that time did not vied for aerials, loops, flips and other maneuvers to impress the public, and the girls did not run after the top 10 surfers with the biggest sponsorship deals. No one cared much. the important thing was to have a rebel surfer soul. Nothing mattered that the waves, roll yourself in the sand, in the grass and smoke it by the way. You'll argue that this has not changed too much, and that's better. Although the attitude turned into sport, with a tendency to the extreme and display advertising, which most surfers did not care at that time.

We introduce you shortcuts from these films that have rocked our youth. At that time we watched them at the movie, not on Youtube. We went to see them at The Pax Negress Theatre in Biarritz or in the church of Piquey on the Arcachon basin, french west coast. They were always presented by the surf guru Yves Bessas, barefoot on stage, which introduced the adventures of these travelers heros from distant seas. When the movie was starting, everyone was shouting, whistling in the room, like watching the scene from the shore.

We came out of the theatre, excited by the project of an upcoming trip with our friends, girls hanging to our arms, happy to have made such a beautiful journey into the darkness of the theatre. We stole the posters on the wall and we ended the evening with our head full of dreams and wonderful waves.
We just wanted to go far away and never see civilization again.



Cosmic Children



Pot smokers, shared love, ecstasy surfing, full range of drug hardware store.




Five Summer Stories



Summer is not a season, but a state of mind.

Who know those damn purple wax? (Prince would have loved this) It smelled oil and was hard as wood.

But at that time there was'nt any other wax available on the market...





Free Ride



Australia in the seventies, cool and lulled by surfing and skateboarding. Duel between the handsome South African Shaun Tomson and great Australian Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew,  with his unique style.




Byron Bay - Australia 2014


Fun to see how Byron Bay in Australia, still feel this hippie lifestyle. A need to live outside the norms, near the sea and in harmony with the ocean.

The place has unfortunately turned today into a Hippy Chic & fashion area with unaffordable real estate prices, a sign that freedom is a luxury.




Pacific Vibrations



A film directed by Surfer Journal founder, John Severson, sublime painter and father of beautiful Jenna de Rosnay.

Check Mike Tabeling handsome young stylish surfer. Amazing scene where he roll into the sand with his girlfriend. We love it !




Storm riders



This movie reminds you that the ocean is a huge playground, Hawaii has become a Highway full of hyper motivated surfers, windsurfers and other crazy waves riders. But the movie also show its cool side with islands vibrations, paradise for nonviolent surfer.




And a longer version, perfect before to go to sleep...





A Sea for Yourself



Californian ballad at a time where spots and beaches were not too saturated of "Californication Lifestyle".




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