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Publié le 27/10/2014, by : Jean Révé

Meli Melo surfcamp in Costa Rica

A day in a Surfcamp in Playa Santa Teresa Costa Rica...

Melanie is the owner of Meli Melo Surf Camp in Costa Rica. To plan your next surf trip this winter, we asked her 10 questions to find out about the good advices and secrets of her destination ...



1 / Hola Melanie In a few words, how and why did you choose you settled in Costa Rica ?

Good surf, warm water, a Latin ambience, a country where one feels safe and where nature and the preservation of the environment predominate. I could not resist the call...


2 / Who can come for surf vacation in Costa Rica ?

There are waves of all kinds, for all levels and it is of course also perfect for longboards and Stand up Paddle. The destination is not just intended for advanced surfers. Rather, it is a place where beginners can learn and have fun surfing without problem. That's also the benefit of Costa Rica !


3 / Why Playa Santa Teresa and not Tamarindo, Quepos or Pavones ?

Santa Teresa has a privileged position and without chauvinism, just ask around ;-) this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and you don't meet too many americans like in Tamarindo. It is also not as far and isolated than Pavones.

The orientation of the coast and a well-cut terrain are optimal conditions for waves all year round, but the best time is from December to late April because weather is at its best.
Imagine the luxury of quietly go by bicycle from the hotel for a morning check of the spots with a view of the vastness of the beach at the edge of the rainforest.



4 / To make the most of the waves in your area, do you organize surftrips around ?

Yes, the Malpais area, Playa Carmen, Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa, stretches for ten miles with a great diversity of spots. You'll find some secret spot if you're tricky enough...


5 / Places and areas to avoid ?

Except sometimes the impact zone of the wave;-) no place to avoid. The area is surrounded by nature, the pace of life is relaxed and no massive influx of tourists in this zone. Americans, as usual, but also many Europeans who prefer this area to the crowdy beaches of Guanacaste.


6 / Types of waves, local beaches ?

The big advantage of the region is the diversity of the waves. It allows each surfer, depending on their level, to test their skills and also to discover waves characteristics that they are not used to practice. We mostly encounter beachbreaks and point breaks also perfect for longboards and standup paddle. But reef waves may offer superb conditions for those who want to challenge themselves like pros.

7 / How is a typical day at Meli Melo ?

Eat, surf, eat, sleep, eat, surf... it's the basic line !
We'll pamper yourself because you're on surf vacation ...
We propose a package for those who want to learn surfing. For example, if you spend 5 nights at the hotel you will enjoy 4x2 hours of courses with all materials provided + 1 hour cool massage after a long stay in the waves, and free access to our surfboards in the hotel during the rest of the stay.
We also have boards for those who do not want to bring their equipment because of the often large air taxes.





8 / Your favorite beach ?

Playa Santa Teresa, nothing else. Kilometers of white sand the edge of the pristine rainforest, long waves and friendly atmosphere. I think we really feel close to nature.



9 / What is your favorite restaurant, bar to enjoy the local atmosphere here ?

In Costa Rica, the atmosphere is Latin. Ther's always busting activity around the surf zones. If you come to see us, we will give you tips to enjoy the Pura Vida. My favorite bars and restaurants are Soda Pura Vida, Discomovil and La Lora Amarilla. You will not be disappointed...






10 / When you do not surf, what you can do for fun around ?

The country is an intense green gold mine and a large part of the territory of Costa Rica's is covered with national parks (Cabo Blanco, Curu, Isla Tortuga) with remarkable flora and fauna that everyone should experience in browsing the canopy at the top of giant trees.



Regarding sports and water activities, you can fish, do snorkeling, diving, Sea Kayaking, Stand up Paddle or relax with yoga courses.
You may also horse ride on the beach, exploring the small villages along the beaches and meet a truly welcoming multicultural population.




This is a stunning country in which I am deeply committed for several years. I Love to transmit its values to all surfers staying at Meli Melo Hotel.

Our Surf Camp is a small, simple and well integrated structure in nature, which promotes contact between visitors and us.
If you really want to share the Pura Vida, we're waiting for you !

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