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Publié le 18/11/2014, by : Robin

Jeffrey's bay surf trips

A tour with Robin at J-Bay in South Africa

Robin is the owner of J-Bay Surftrips in South Africa.
To prepare your next trip in South Africa, he was asked 10 questions to find out about the good tips and secrets of his destination...



1 / Hello Robin, in a few words, how and why did you choose to settle down in Jeffrey’s Bay ?

Hi, originally I am coming from Europe. I settled down in J-Bay in 2005 and found in love of the place. Perfect wave, epic natural environment, nice local people and great food. 


2 / Who can come (or not) for a surf trip in J-Bay ?

Anyone can come to surf here, from absolute beginners to high level surfers. Too many surfers think it’s a place only for Pros, only watching this place through the competition or videos. But even if J-Bay is one the best point breaks in the world, we have plenty of various spots and many good Learn to Surf beaches as well.





3 / Why J-Bay and not Knysta, Plettenberg, Port Elizabeth or East London zone ?

South Africa is a continent of surfing. But the Queen is J-Bay. The wave...Its sooooo good and so loooong…
Once you’ve try it, you ‘ll never forget your ride. And Jeffrey’s Bay is a charming town with bars, restaurants, nightlife, but in a cool way.





4 / To make the most of the waves, how do you plan the surf ?

If you come during the high surfing season in austral winter, between April and October, swell and offshore winds are guaranteed ! We’ll drive you on the best spots, depending daily conditions. But you’ll never spend a day off surfing. Between November and March, weather is hot and you can enjoy the beach, but swell is not as consistant.


5 / Places and areas to avoid ?

Staying to long in bed after a night going out because then you missed the surf !





















6 / Types of waves and beaches ?

World class right hand Point breaks everywhere around.


7 / What is a typical day with J-Bay Surf Trips ?

A harshy program is expecting you…
Wake up - Breakie (our consistent breakfast) - Surf- Cruising to check spots with other surfers – Relaxing - Surfing again - Having a nice Braai aka bbq with a drink and good laugh with your new surf mates.





8 / Your favorite beach in the area ?

St Francis Bay beach. Remind me the epic movie Endless Summer (your Blog’s name isn’t it ?)


9 / Your restaurants, bars, favorite places to enjoy the atmosphere of Jeffrey’s Bay ?

3 Fat Fish and Infood for lunch restos. I also like to visit Factory shops where you can always find cheap quality branded surf gear of all types and meet other surfers.












10 / When surf is flat, what can we do for fun ?

 Normally we always have waves around here. But during summertime it can be flat. We can go sandboarding, horse riding, meet local J-Bay legends like Bruce Gold, enjoy wine tasting.
The place is a cool town dedicated to surfing lifestyle. You’ll never feel alone and South Africans are nice people with good mentality (of course don’t try to be the king at the peak, and chase all waves). If you like rugby, beer, surf, live in the nature and love the ocean, then you’ll make friends and have found the right place for your next vacation trip !
























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