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Publié le 13/11/2014, by : Anne Laure

Los Cardones in Nicaragua

A day at Los Cardones Nicaragua

Anne Laure is the owner of the Eco Lodge Los Cardones in Nicaragua.
To plan your next trip this winter, she was asked 10 questions to find out about the good advices and the secrets of her destination...



1 / Hello Anne Laure In a few words, how and why did you choose to settled in Nicaragua ?
My husband and I had the dream of creating an Ecolodge for Surf and Yoga in harmony with the environment. 14 years ago, our journey of exploration had gone through all the tracks that led to the ocean, between Mazatlan Mexico and Nicaragua. Arrived in Los Cardones, we stopped and we had a real heartake...
No need to look further, we were arrived !



2 / Why come (or not) for a surftrip in Nicaragua ?
This place is great for those who love to share when travelling. Nicaraguan hospitality and kindness are boundless. Sometimes material conditions may be harsh, but everyone wears his best smile everyday in Nicaragua, as if every day would be the best day of your live. Traveling in Nicaragua is sharing all this joy, respect differences, help each other.
For surfing, the destination is not as well known than Costa Rica, even if US surfers are coming more frequently those last years. But European surfers are starting to discover our country and we are happy to welcome them.


3 / Why San Maquado and not San Juan del Sur, Popoyo or El Gigante surf zone ?

Popoyo and San Juan del Sur surf zone are excellent surf spots with surf lifestyle, but sometimes more crowdy at the best spots. Here in San Maquado it's a real clean pure place, wild, calm, and the waves are just for you !



4 / To make the most of the waves in the area, how do you manage ?

Here, no organization, especially for surfing. You surf when you want, conditions are often excellent in the morning or evening. We have spots just in front of the Lodge and nearby, with different types of waves, and you can surf without problem all year long.

5 / Places and areas to avoid ?

The area where we are located is secluded and peaceful. But if you go to the capital Managua, do not walk too late at night... But, this is a valid council in most cities from Latin America and elsewhere !



6 / The types of waves, beaches ?

Beach Break, Point Break, Reef break, there are waves for all levels. Just have fun, increase your level, tear the lip. No difficult or dangerous waves. Just choose the right spot for your level.


7 / How is a typical day of surfing in Los Cardones Eco Lodge ?

First surf session at dawn in front of the Lodge. Then a hearty breakfast to refuel with vitamins, and then surf again until lunch. At miday sun is hot and it's time for a nap in the hammock, cool in the shade, then a delicate massage to wake up your body. In fact you can also do nothing at all, but remember it's not that easy ! Then another surf session until sunset, dinner and a fresh beer under the stars. Too hard...


8 / Your favorite beach ?

Los Cardones, of course ;-)
Having YOUR own spot right in front your Lodge is a real privilege.


9 / Your restaurants, bars, favorite places to enjoy the atmosphere of San Maquado ?

At Los Cardones, we are happy, away from the hustle...No nightlife, crowd or whatever. The quiet atmosphere is surounded by conversations with surf mates around the bar between candlelight on the beach around a campfire or under the starlight. Here you really feel disconnected.


10 / When you do not surf, what you can do for fun in Los Cardones ?

We propose lots of activities for your body and mind. Yoga courses are practiced regularly in association with surfing, massages, horseback riding, biking on the beach, volleyball, table tennis, slackline...


An important point : In our Eco Lodge we are commited to preserve the environment and most of our surf customers appreciate that honnest approach. Acres of the property are reserved for observing the environment.
The Resort was built in this respect of nature . Materials made of local wood only, fit completely in the vegetation.
We use the sun, the water, to heat or cool buildings and public areas. All powered by solar energy.
Only a few energy bulbs are lit in the evening to minimize power consumption. The water comes from our source, powered by a pump. Wastewater is collected, filtered and irrigate gardens.
Our food purchases are made locally and from the neighborhood or from our cultures. We recycle plastic, aluminum and glass. Food waste is also turned into compost for our cultures.






The quality of the environment allows us to propose specific activities. One can observe the laying of a sea turtle, and / or help us bring baby turtles to ocean, participate in volunteering with the local schools. In short, here you'll be able to discover the region and the country's culture in a relaxed and authentic ambience as we try to share it everyday with surfers who come here.


Please come and visit us !






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Anne Laure

Anne Laure

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