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Publié le 16/11/2014, by : JH

West Side Story on the Bassin of Arcachon

Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle on the Bassin d'Arcachon, at Cap Ferret with a heavy local girl, Delphine Macaire

If you still have never kite upon the Bassin d'Arcachon (we say UPON and not ON the Bassin d'Arcachon) it's time to take out your tissues to blow your nose (related to famous french movie "Les petits mouchoirs" whose action is situated in this place).


These images are a real tool for promotion from tourism offices and we should propose Delphine Macaire to become Ambassador of Bassin d'Arcachon, section kite 'n charm, replacing the usual oysters producers wearing their old marinara suit.




Through the camera of her companion Bertrand Beauchet, you will watch in a different angle the oyster beds or the stilts huts name "cabanes tchanquées" (Have a look on Google for the word "Tchanquées" if you've never heard about it, and please try to travel more).







She rides through the Mimbeau quiet laguna and salt-meadows waters, located at the bottom of the Bassin, winds between oyster pickets or boat buoys, and tickles the sterns and seagulls flying in front of the dune facing the Arguin sandbank.







But our local girl is also known to push hard on her paddle during great SUP sessions in the waves near Biscarrosse.




















The day ends with a beautiful sunset over the dunes and our lady kite goes back to her wooden hut in the close pine trees forest.





Warning, this video will make you want to come or go kite and Stand Up Paddle UPON the Arcachon Bassin. But hey, do not come too many on sunny days...




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