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Publié le 27/11/2014, by : Jean Révé

X Ray Yoga

An amazing journey to the heart of our skeleton, through yoga movements

The tree, the Cobra, the Diamond, the Heron, postures (Asana) of Yoga, unveiled under the X Radiation angle. A video that reveals us the wonderful mechanics of our joints and points out that our body is made to move.





Yogis masters have always told their new adepts that bones are supporting our body and mind.

Their weight and apparent stiffness are capable of twists, turns, and bending movements which free and drive power and energy to our mind.










In this sublime journey through bones mandalas, the camera explores the human skeleton and penetrates the heart of the spine, catching each vertebra. The extraordinary geometry of the joints accentuates the harmony of positions and gives a poetic and sacred touch through this mix of technology and millennia postures.







Hybrid Medical Animation 3D is a medical laboratory who has made extraordinary visits in the heart of the human body, awarded many times by the pharma industry, biotechnology institutes for their research assistance on various viruses and diseases.
The technical challenges during shooting of this video were based on the difficulty in reproducing the proper bone density and an understanding of the proper motion of each joint in the bone chain.

These images show that if our skeleton is acted impressively it also confirms that its natural constitution is made to move, instead of maintaining static or fixed position, as we unfortunately often do.





In this sense, Yoga postures are affirming the positive side it produces on the body and the message delivered to the brain so that it can raise our mind to the Welfare.








Music from the Clip (Destination Surf love this Electro Group): Miss You - Trentmøller



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