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Publié le 11/11/2014, by : JH

The intelligence of body

Develop physical intelligence is to reconnect with your body and know what it needs, really need...

We have known for a long time now that Surf and Yoga are fully compatible. During a trip you can enjoy to practice or learn this art that allows each surfer to better prepare, anticipate, stretch and relax after a surf session.



But in fact, we are often a bit taken aback when you have never practiced and that you must choose in the jungle of different types of Yoga.

We know we can learn to manage stress through Hatha yoga, avoid energy imbalance with postural Kundalini, expand our spiritual development and the art of meditation through Hashtanga or Vinyasa yoga and its choreographed art, chaining the 26 postures of Bikram yoga or helping our conscience to reach the trance state through yoga Nidra.


This is fine, but what to choose ?


In fact, common point to all these types of Yoga is the willingness to make your body being smart.

We feel Tremolos of our body who frequently claims he does'nt feel smart, whenever we feel awkward, unbalanced, uncomfortable in a new activity, having lack of flexibility, feeling not very tonic either ...
A body that does not know how to react in moving gracefully.






Repercussion in the practice of surfing is the same. Without awareness and action on these symptoms, you will not progress. You just have to say that there is no posture known to once and for all, and try to change the pace of daily practice, even very subtly.

All athletes, running, swimming, skiing, climbing, will agree on the fact that they are at a moment on a way to meditate, to feel their bodies, to achieve the same status as those who practice yoga.

Following the procedure of the development of physical intelligence as Aaron Cantor calls on his Primal Practice site and in his exercises, we revisit our principles on the sanctity alignment, and above all, the dogma that if you can not, you just have to start over and over again like a mantra.

We discovered that this principle does not work in the long term, unlike a reasoning body.


Clearly, if you do not know how to do, do it differently.
Develop your body intelligence.


Walking on the hands is an exercise in deep utility for balance and surfing. It is not enough to put ypurself against a wall, throwing your legs and arms and hope that the miracle of balance occurs one day.








Aaron technique works through long minutes with objects you swip on the ground as if they were hunted and brought back to yourself. The sun salutation is lanky, you jump like a monkey, walk on heels, on tips, roll on the ground writhing, to break automation. So we are taught to better react, to relax, to be more skilful.







Imagine the same thing in each of your movements and figures while surfing.

The technique is based on free movements inspired by martial arts, dance, or even animal's walk. We must come to stay natural and spontaneous by some exercises, but it's a real challenge, very exhausting physically.


Develop physical intelligence is reconnecting with the real needs of your body.


If your practice of yoga before or post Surf boils down to 3 sun salutations, a bridge, a hollow back, the candle, and savasana, it may be time to add a little spice to it all. Start your practice differently and ask your body - not your head - what he needs. A torsion ? Stretching arms ? a small jump ? Create your own scnénarii your specific sequences. and above all always be listening to your feelings.





Then take the road to new destinations, new oceans, and jump into the water.
Surf applying these principles and you will see how much the intelligence of your body will guide you towards, improving your performance and above all find pleasure...




Be careful, Aaron'll might give you headache with his exercises ! But the idea is to be inspiring with the sensation of a wave which cross over your body.





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