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Publié le 03/12/2014, by : Jean Révé

Acro and Aerial Flow Yoga

Up to date Yoga activities, Acro (couple and acrobatic) and aerial Flow (suspended on sections of tissue)

Among the many Yoga techniques, we invite you to discover two new approaches.


The Acro Yoga (Acrobatic Freestyle Yoga )

It is far from easy to achieve. But movements are superb and extremely efficient.
If you find the ideal partner, you can occasionally propose her to become your Surf Tandem partner, to be a star next summer in the waves.
Until that day, Hagar Tsabar and Elad Sadeh, a perfectly talented Israelis couple invite you to a meeting at the beach.




The Aerial Flow Yoga


More accessible to the common surfer. A derivative of the Aerial Silk Dance, which choreographic shows have been seen in famous cabarets or TV shows. The technique is to perform yoga movements, stretching, flexibility, hanging on large sections of tissue.
Benefit of a smoothly practice, without hits or pressure related to gravity.



Finally, now that you're hot, you can watch the Pro version of Paulina Violina, a Brazilian who teaches directly into the trees !
This is an excellent training for the practice of Surf.
Please, do not try it on your living room curtains, your wife might not be fan...




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Jean Révé

Jean Révé

Working for several years in tourism in France and abroad, Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé) also has a large number of kilometer mark traveling around Planet Surf  in search of endless summer waves.
In 2004 he created Destination Surf, the first agency specialized in Surf Travel , then Endless Summer a blog with tips, info and travel stories, in order to enjoy and share this rewarding experience with all surf travelers. → Learn more

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