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Publié le 09/06/2015, by : Jean Révé

Waves melodies - The Sixties

Overview of surf music through years, the sixties, 60'

Music is inseparable from Surf. Your earphones upon the ears, communion of few moments, behind the windshield of the car, staying warm before jumping into the water, relax after the session or just enjoy the spectacle of the ocean, its little blue belly, spilling the milky waves to the edge, the music is yours.

First episode in this article about a journey through the ages starting with 60 '', surf music bath, overview of melodies that have thrilled your parents (grandparents ?), elder sisters, little brothers and of course yourself.

Some are classics, mythical, even cults. We like it or not, with just the desire to make you discover or listen again some tunes out of our hard drives disks.



Sixties - 60' : Surf, Beach & Sun





20 kilos longboards, short hair slicked back, Gidget and Annette Funicello lying and surfing California and Hawaii beaches, twist and Pogo facing the hula hoop.

Even europe and Biarritz, thanks to Peter Viertel, Rott and Moraiz already have the taste of surf music. No leash, few people in the water and a carefree tribe that will help to discover the shores of Malibu and the California coast.

Australia is still unknown and too far at this time.
















The music of the Beach Boys of course but also Dick Dale, The Ventures, are lively and carefree. This was the period of instrumental pieces the sound of Fender Showman amps, reverb and vibrato, dripping its twangy sound, to give a brutal and fast rythm.
Your surfboard must have goosebumps !
At this time, the path of lonely rebels is not yet borrowed.
































It is a song from the late sixties, and even if it does not symbolize surf music, all surfers are beginning to listen to her on the shores of beaches all around the world, it's the great shift to the groove of rhythm and blues...



To be following, the seventies, 70'...


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Jean Révé

Working for several years in tourism in France and abroad, Jean-Hervé Cristol (aka Jean Révé) also has a large number of kilometer mark traveling around Planet Surf  in search of endless summer waves.
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