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Publié le 29/06/2015, by : Jean Révé

Waves melodies - The seventies

Overview of surf music through years, the seventies, 70'. Peace, Love, Guitar, Surf, Afghan spices...

Second overview of the music that lulled us before falling asleep on the minibus bench, or unchained us, on the same bench, wiping condensation from the windshield to better see the dream waves that were rolling in front the parking lot.
Rock sound is on, Surf music of the 60 'gives way to Soul melodies, more crappy electric sounds with Led Zeppelin or Creedence, flyng sounds of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson airplane but also folk with Neil Young.







70 ' on the road to Morocco for a winter in the sun, hash, tagines and tons of barrels. Travelling with some pure Australian guys, hitchhiking along the road, lost in the heart of the african desert, all in search of a nameless wave.
The Berber tent, tight pants with elephant legs, scarves, madras in the blond and salty hair, flashy bracelets and carved rings, watching the line of the road from your pilot Ray-ban sunglasses, no need of money, time nor worries, just ride to the beaches and surf.









Long single guns for big waves riding, first Twin Fins models coming in 78. Boards were shaped by Barland, Reinhart, Bolt, Weber, Jacobs, Natural Art ...

The Basque coast and the Chambre d'Amour served as the point of departure for the great hippie surf adventure aboard a legendary Van VW minibus.
Bali and Peru were the mysterious destinations to discover during long summer trips.












Alice Cooper, a well-twisted character, not clean in his dream world full of snakes, and ghostly hallucination. Ok, this one is a Remix ; but the original sound is still present, Phew !



Creedence Clearwater Revival, the great knights of rock, rhythm, joy, giving you adrenaline before the session.


The incredible "Long Version" of Iron Butterfly, great crazy junkies (17 minutes flying, only to be listened under 12 Ricard effect or other medicinal plants ...)


A piece of Led Zeppelin that goes then explode like a big set and will sweep over you, pleasure and fear, anguish and pleasure.
Listened thousands of times the voice and melody of guitarist Jimmy Page, watching the waves, after an exhausting session or on the way back home.


A great Irish guitarist, discovered at the time through Irish surfers visiting France, on their road way south.


Live and long version from Neil Young. 15 minutes of pure guitar, soaring in the sky and waves of the West Coast of USA. Surf, California were sweeping over the beaches of the french Atlantic coast for the summer.
For all endless guitar solos lovers.


At the dawn of the seventies, good folk tube and images that speak for themselves.


After Whisky a Gogo Revisited, an original melody from Johnny Rivers, often covered, remixed, plagiarized, but never equaled with its summer groove, giving us an Endless Summer feeling.


Why those youngsters can't have fun ? Morning Maniac music of Jefferson Airplane, friendly herbal specialists.
I'd love to go to Morocco with this pretty singer, with her jacket bought at the market in St Tropez.


And to end our musical journey inside our car radio-K7, the eccentricity of brittanic crazy pope of Glam Rock, Marc Bolan and T-Rex.
Perfect to put on your wetsuit in rythm !

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Jean Révé

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