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Publié le 29/11/2014, by : Jean Révé

Best Surf Training when you Travel

Best Body training practices for Surfing

The web, magazines, videos regularly deliver heaps of good advices, specific programs or sessions to help you be more efficient in the practice of surfing. Everyone finds some truth, the one that your body and mind validate or not.

Throughout my travels on planet Surf, I have learned some basic rules for maintaining good physiological condition of my body, to be sharp to surf but also to feel fit overall. You don't have to be a competition beast (when viewing some commandos videos, we'd rather be lying on the sofa and store our board in the garage until next summer).



The goal is not just to apply this method before you travel or during your Trip, but enjoy the welfare of these exercises which are a mixed of stretching and warm-ups inspired by yoga movements, but also concentration and relaxation. They will help you eliminate the fatigue of your journey and will smooth and tame your body to a new environment. And above all, practicing outdoor at the beach or in the water, accentuate the feeling of well-being.


My 2 surfer tips :

- Treat your body gently, smoothly and in depth. Never be suffering, our bodies are not made for that. Surfing is asking physical strengh, but brutality and coercion are excluded. Don't be a pachyderm or bovine but feline.

- Never forget the formula of vital Triangle : The movement comes from the brain, circulates and is active in the body, and the effect goes back to our mind. Without following this path, you won't feel any beneficial aspect during exercises and even less after it ; only muscles working without pleasure.



I selected 3 types of fun exercises to perform, especially when you are on vacation for a Trip surf. You will be on the seaside and have time to take care of yourself.
You should definitely be able to get there !


Chic, SUP Yoga !



Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon swear by this practice, so it is your turn !
Find a quiet place, away from the noise of the beach. Let yourself first floating a few moments, your back lying on the board, like on your air mattress when you were a kid.




The idea is to try to do movements like in the video, even if you're not as Dice Lida-Klein, an amazing yoga teacher (his wife is sublime Yoga teacher Briohny Smyth with over 4 million views on YouTube ...)












You will obviously fall, slide, hook your toes, will then move more gently. But no matter the style, what is important is to be in contact with the still water which requires you to trust your balance, to be in harmony with the liquid element.







You want to play Sofball ?



Ladies, let me introduce you Grant Mattos, yoga teacher, a former American football player and actor of the show "Survivor."
Gentlemen, this guy will change your approach of physical exercices (especially a new approach of your body).
However hold him away from your wife, because she would suddenly love to play football.






Gran tells that during surfing, the nervous system is highly solicited to get to maintain a state between the lightness of balance and control of muscle power.








Before bidding on muscle power movements, it is necessary to practice the movements that develop the stretching sensation, so that tissues can have maximum flex, joints be unlocked, and that nerves impulses a message to the brain to release endorphin and other dopamine, accentuating the feeling of well-being provided by contact with water.



The softball (cheap and fun) is a technique that is increasingly developped.
The ball allows you to perform exercises with non-contact of your whole body with the ground, playing as a cushion to avoid shocks or movements in force.

If you have children, they'll love it, and during summertime you can play with your ball in the shorebreak or let you sunbathe on it as a molten chewing gum.







Darling, is it swimming lesson tonight ?



The advantage of this training is that you do not need an olympic pool with a 9 meters diving board to practice. Even the hotel's swimming lane will be perfect.

In fact, these exercises are those that we tend to do when we rush in the hotel pool after a 10 hours flight. We cling legs to the edge (excellent for circulation), stirred the surface beating crazy with our feet, as pursued by Jaws (stretch, tone and boost blood circulation), we make the dolphin, extends our arms over the ledge and admire our beautiful toes (relaxes the column).




Once again, the goal is to play on the impact resistance of water (40 times stronger than the air) to tone muscles, start nerve impulses, send a message of well-being to the brain, increased by immersion in water, unlike land-based exercises, which make us only fight against gravity.
One can of course do some exercises in the sea, in a quiet zone, before or after surfing.





















So if you do not have a Stand Up Padle or an old windsurfing board in the garage, neither a huge big soft ball or a public swimming pool around your block, just make an emergency call at Destination Surf. We'll find your right Surf vacation asap !


Thanks to : Q Equinox

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