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Publié le 24/10/2014, by : Jean Révé

THE RESURF PROJECT: A new life for your old boards

How to give a new life for your old surfboards stoked in your garage...

The image of surfing is associated with freedom on the pristine oceans of the world. But  the increasing number of surfers requires to also increase manufacturing boards to often change quiver.
How to give a new life to all these surfboards and move towards a more sustainable development in harmony with the ocean and nature ?



Over 400,000 surfboards are manufactured annually worldwide. But what is their destiny except cremation or burial ? If associations like Surfeurs Solidaires extend the life of the boards, it does not solve the problem of their final destruction.

Benoit Dandine, environmental and innovation expert who had already developed Clean Shaper, launched The Resurf Project, the first project in the world of recycling surfboards, stand-ups, paddle boards or bobyboards.





Except those made of polyurethane, polystyrene boards mainly used by surf schools can be recycled.
The operational phase of the project consists of four steps : collection of 1,000 boards in surf shops and schools in France and Spain (As 2-3 planks are averagely thrown away each year in school, the recoverable amount is important), manual delamination of 15 % non-recyclable materials (resin, plastic, drift), crushing and compacting polystyrene, processing blocks into new foam blanks.





With 1000 boards recovered nearly 450 brand-new boards can be manufactured.

The Resurf Project is based on a system of Crowdfunding : The financial contribution of each one of us can be committed in order to finance the recovery boards and the acquisition of a compactor.




The idea of an eco-tax on these boards is in progress and would also hire sales and marketing budget to educate surfers to this environmental problem.

A smart tax that would become a label and give the feeling for every surfer to participate in the conservation of nature.

Beyond France, if one considers the number of boards recycling in all countries where surfing is developed, a huge project without borders is to set up the surfing world...





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