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Publié le 14/11/2014, by : JH

Green Miss 2014

Miss contest election to get funds for the defense of bio diversity in Costa Rica

Not an easy life to be a Miss !
God knows that nature can create beautiful plants, but they need heat and light to thrive. But when those beautiful plants are mobilizing to defend the interests of nature in danger, it is a divine miracle that must be accepted, or believe that human nature can sometimes make an act of intelligence.


The idea of desecrating the image of Miss (even if it has evolved since now) by linking it to a Miss Green contest, helped to treat environmental problems in a fun and unpretented way, without forgetting the essential mission of support and fundraising dedicated to the creation of sanctuaries of biodiversity in Costa Rica, by buying land dedicated to wildlife. This was Sylvain Demercastel idea to start operation in 2014, and Miss Green was a success.


Girls enrolled last spring did everything to motivate their networks, to win votes on social networks, raise funds via a crowdfunding platform, find partners to invest. Finally the Miss Green Ambassador was elected : Lily, a mischievous air, listening to others and thoroughly motivated by these causes, she won a 10 day trip to Costa Rica to implement the various actions and participate in the work of associations :

Salve Monos, an association that works on saving howler monkeys, education and reforestation programs. The program will consist of the installation of monkey bridge over the power lines to avoid electrocution responsible for 80% of deaths of the Apes (the population went from 2 million to 1.2 million)



Sea Turtles Forever, which is developing a program of night patrols to protect turtle eggs from poachers. They maintain a large database in connection with various scientists to better understand the problems of threatened marine environments. When a big arrival of turtles for laying is known, they are responsible for the recovery of eggs, protection and restoration of eggs after incubation, in secure areas.

The main message of this friendly and unpretentious contest is to raise awareness to urban population on the main dangers for these natural sanctuaries, so that future generations can still enjoy to watch turtles and monkeys, look the ocean in the eye and be able to give it what it gives us when we ride and enjoy its waves.



Miss Lily Green also took the opportunity to discover the waves and the ocean on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, great land of surf, where the ocean is still pretty well preserved. She had great SUP rides on the waters of the mangrove of Playa Negra, meet the population and thus proved that you can be a Miss and defend your beliefs on the blue planet.
Hopefully other Miss Green initiatives are set up for 2015 and the future.
We intend to be part of the jury. Should be more fun than a university grand oral...



Meanwhile to soon watch the film of the event, on Destination Surf, just have a look at the video teaser :




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