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Publié le 23/12/2014, by : Jean Révé

A responsible Sailor

There once was a man crazy enough to imagine this beautiful crazy idea. And wise enough, against all odds, to give reality to this beautiful crazy idea...

This man is not a star of TV shows or fashion magazines, but he is to be respected and revered on all shores of Bay of Bengal.
Its action is as big as his heart and his adventure is told in an extraordinary book, to read during the New Year celebrations or to be offered at any time.
Just remember that there are still people who deserve respect.

The work of Yves Marre, RESPONSIBLE SAILOR is published by Editions Isabelle Le Goff, and prefaced by Erik Orsenna of the French Academy.




A Voyageur on the road

Air France crew member for 23 years, private pilot and navigator, Yves Marre has always been immersed in the world of aviation and maritime adventure. He continues his humanitarian missions as part of ASF, and in 1993 founded an Association called "Friendship".

That year, he set up his crazy idea : Convey from the port of Dunkerke in France, a barge to Bangladesh to transform it into a hospital ship. The boat, a Freycinette type named Golden Arrow, 38.50 meters long and 5.05 wide, will boost the image of old sailors and ship 12 000 km on an incredible journey.














But he must find the financial partners to prepare the boat (it will carry the flag of Sao Tome, the only country willing to save), develop it and convey (the France Weather engineers will help him gracefully along the route ).

The list of fantastic adventures is long and the characters of the book are amazing : storms, breakdowns in the Mediterranean, port administrative hassles of the Suez Canal, bakchichs, pirates in the Red Sea.
Mother Teresa has even greet the "shepherd of the seas" to bring him luck.








Yves Marre will manage to go through with his plan, to help everyone out there, those who have no access to medical care and can only be reach by boat. Three and a half months later, the barge "Golden Arrow", renamed "Friendship" finally reached his goal.

Today the fleet has developed with a second boat and all year nearly 20 000 patients march on board for dental, ophthalmological, pediatric care. A dozen surgeons operate 24h / 24 and leading medical experts are providing consultations and treatments gracefully.

The people are coming from the bottom of the river Brahmaputra delta for treatment through the NGO founded with his wife Runa.


A head full of Sea Projects

In 2004, with Marc Van Peteghem he turns around a project to build floating ambulances in Bangladesh, in addition to the hospital barge. He creates TaraTari, an innovative shipyard that provides and implements the most appropriate concepts and technologies to navigation problems in the Bay of Bengal.
The company is responsible for the development and production of high-performance boats, unsinkable and durable, mainly in the fields of fisheries. To avoid slaughter fishermen at every storm and help them break the cycle of poverty he must replace the traditional fleet becoming fragile and dangerous. The boats are funded by the World Bank and the European Community and implemented by the United Nations.





In 2008, with Corentin de Chatelperron he launched the research project on Jute fiber  "Gold Of Bengal", this agro composite used for many applications as an alternative to fiberglass, perfect to build boats.

In 2010, with his partner Marc Van Peteghem (designer of the fastest yachts in the world) of VPLP architectural firm, he starts Watever association to help the populations of the oceans shores and major rivers. These two men, with different cursus, were able to share their skills and qualities to be at the service of those in need, with the action of their passion for boats.

The yards are significant and growing. Today, the results are impressive : two floating hospitals, 2 ambulances Catamaran of 12 meters used in support of two barges, 67 fishing units for FAO, 7 children Transportation for UNICEF, 7 fishing boats to Friendship.
The impact on the human level is significant with nearly 8000 children who use boats to go to school and nearly 800 fishermen with new boats.

In 2012, Yves Marre received the French humanitarian Light for all his actions in Bangladesh over the last 20 years.





Golden Boat and MoonShip in the Waves

But TaraTari also seeks to preserve the extraordinary naval heritage of Bangladesh. This action has enabled the excavation of a ship, the "Golden Boat" on the beach at Kuakata in the south. Yves Marre has also invested in the rehabilitation of the MoonShip.


On the borders of South Asia, to the Bangladesh and Burma border, he discovered the Moon Boat on a beach, south of Cox's Bazar beach, a long sand strand without surfing or SUP, while yet the waves just require to be explored.
Emblematic of the region, like the Sampans, Malars, Kuchas, this boat comes in several varieties depending on the waves bar that it must cross daily.
The ship, whose beauty is matched only by its rarity, must still sail the waters of the Bay of Bengal.
TaraTari and Zeppelin photo agency partnered to preserve and enhance this magnificent ship. Five carpenters from Cox's Bazar came to the site to build a copy. To prevent this naval architectural treasure to sink into oblivion, Watever & TaraTari volunteers constituted a technical document that describes step by step its construction method.
Thus, the expertise of the carpenters is preserved and this boat will be rebuilt exactly in the future.




A discovery of Bangladesh and its shores


Video Photo: Bruno and Julien Valentin Pannettier - ZEPPELIN Agency


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